Couples experienced Wonders of Vanuatu


Chris and Sara are a lovely young couple that stayed at Valé Valé for their holidays. Chris booked the Honeymoon Villa so that he could propose to Sara. We are hoping to see them back at Valé Valé for the Honeymoon. Congratulations again Chris and Sara!

Sara & Chris showing their engagement ring.
Picture by : Sara & Chris

Below is Roesia and Hussain. A pleasant couple to have at the resort. Before coming over, Hussain contacted our Guest Relations Manager to ask if she could assist them with booking a tour to see Yasur Volcano on Tanna Island. Below is a photo they sent us of their trip down to the Volcano. They did the Tanna Day Tour.

Hussain & Roesia standing close to the edge of the crater on Yasur Volcano.
Picture from: Hussain & Rosia

Valé Valé Meals:

Although we do not have a Café or Restaurant at the resort, we do have a menu with a list of meals that we prepare in case you prefer to stay back at the villas some evenings. Orders usually have to be placed by 5pm in the afternoon and we have your dinner delivered to your room no later than 6pm. Our menu has three (3) different categories starting with ‘Snacks’ from which you can choose either to order Coffee and Cake or Toasted Sandwiches. Then we have ‘Pizzas’ and for this we have three different types of pizzas you can order: Pepperoni Pizza, Hawaiian Ham Pizza and Chicken or Ham Pizza all prepared in our very own pizza oven. The last option is the ‘Mains’ and for this you can order either the Spaghetti Bolognese, the Organic Beef Curry or the Veal Escalope. We have the Menu displayed at reception and a copy is placed in the Compendium in your Villa. The prices ranges from VT300 to VT1,800.

Pepperoni Pizza
Picture by: Joy Wu

Veal Escalope
Picture by: Joy Wu

Organic Beef Curry
Picture by: Joy Wu