Dining in Vanautu's Finest Restaurants

Our Valé Valé small menu of simple, tasty meals (including pizzas) is available for ordering by 6.30 pm and delivered to the villa by 7.30 pm – a great alternative to either cooking yourself or eating out. Your order will be delivered to your villa to enjoy on the deck looking over the sunset on Valé Valé bay. Daily tropical breakfast is included in our normal rate.

There are over 40 restaurants in Port Vila and once you’re at Valé Valé, it’s easy to have our staff help you with restaurant choices and bookings to help make your Vanuatu dining experiences enjoyable.

Heading towards town but still this side of the largest supermarket, ABM at Nambatu, a turnoff on the wharf road takes you to the American-style bar and restaurant, the Warhorse Saloon (678-26670), the place to go for happy, sometimes loud atmosphere, their substantial specialty – beef ribs – Mexican food and cheap pizzas.  Live music on Friday nights.

A couple of doors further down is the Japanese restaurant, Kanpai (678-26687), with very good food and service, very much featuring fresh tuna, and a wonderful view of the Harbour.   Opposite is the famous Stone Grill Restaurant (678-5464506), at the end of the Handicraft Centre.

Almost opposite ABM supermarket, the long-established Frenchl’Houstalet(678-22303) can nearly always serve lobster and coconut crab, as well as a varied menu including pizzas, and their specialty, flying fox cooked in red wine.  Personalised attention every single night by the owner, Clement Martinez, ensures fine service.    Two doors on is the Indian Spice Restaurant (678-7766373) with inexpensive lunch specials.

It’s relaxing to eat alongside the boat moorings at The Waterfront Bar and Grill (678-23490) just before town.

Café du Village (678-27789) is a cute little restaurant still right on the water’s edge, well spoken of by guests who’ve eaten there.

Brewery Bar and Restaurant (678-28328) opposite, is right there on the main road for those who like to watch the traffic passing, or watch sports on their many TVs.  It’s very popular with the cruise-ship visitors.

Back the water side again, there’s the fairly new Lava Lounge (678-26671), Vila’s upmarket lounge-bar with pizzas, tapas and snacks, a place to go for cocktails and atmosphere, and enjoy the mood music, with live entertainment on some nights.

Next we come to the open Fruit and Vegetable Market.   We’re often asked where local food can be eaten.   The market ladies have a section serving meals as well as laplap and tuluk, all so very cheap.

In the same area next to the ABM Supermarket branch, is the fast-food Seaview Takeaway with the air conditioned CHILL Restaurant (678-22578) upstairs.  Chill’s cleanliness and professionalism is reflected in the service and the variety and presentation of food.   Lunch time specials 1200 VT (around $15) include a choice from a large selection of dishes with wine, juice or beer, and ocean view across to Iririki Island.

Au Peche Mignon (678-27271) serves excellent coffee – the best – and quiches, croissants, baguettes, cakes and pastries, Vila’s only patisserie.   It’s roadside, just opposite the market.

By now we’re almost in the middle of town, with Jill’s Café (678-25125) across from the Post Office serving very reasonably priced mostly American-style snacks and meals.   Chicken Fajita Salad is a favourite, also Chilli Cheese Fries, burgers, burritos, tacos, and huge breakfasts.   They close at about 5 pm, open only for breakfast and lunch or coffee and snacks throughout the day.

In town still, we have Jungle Café on the main street, and Joe’s Vietnamese restaurant which is roadside, in the main street just before Healthwise Chemist.

Nambawan Café (678-25246) set right beside the water, with open-air cinema on some nights and free wifi, and La Tentation Restaurant (678-20661) also right on the water.  All are good for a quick coffee break or a meal while out shopping.

Anchor Inn, the last building on the left in town, is an Australian-style beer garden also serving snacks and meals.   A few minutes’ walk further, on the right, is the Flaming BullSteak House (678-27716), open air dining in a pub-like setting.

Au Faré Bar & Grill (678-22580) is just on the edge of town in an area known as Melcoffee/Fatumaru Bay.

Now we’re moving on to a bus ride up the hill to Kesorn’s Exotic Thai Restaurant (678-7731751), for the best Thai food, dine in or take-away.

A bus ride on to Harbour View Chinese Restaurant (678-23668), with delicious food and good atmosphere, is worth the trip.  Their banquet menus start from about $20; yum cha and Peking Duck are available every day.

The Beach Bar at Mele (678 5601132) is great for a Friday night.  They have fire dancers as free entertainment and a wood fire pizza oven.

Once you’re at Valé Valé, it’s easy to have our staff help you with restaurant choices and bookings to help make your Vanuatu dining experiences delightful.