Pacific Mini Games – 2017

Vila, Vanuatu, December 2017- Very successful event. Vanuatu Choir singing the National Anthem during the Opening Ceremony. 2017 Pacific Mini Games Parade Pacific mini games Parade Category Included on the Pacific Mini Games Fijian Women’s Football team Participants...

2017 end-year Events

Last Quarter Events 2017:     In November, the annual DJ Festival attracted local and overseas visitors for all-night fun at a couple of venues, all around the Grand Hotel and Lava Lounge just before the marketplace. In...

Staff Profile: Honorine Naviti

Staff Profile: Honorine Naviti Honorine, a “foundation member” of the Vale Vale staff since February 2012, is a clever lady. Apart from cleaning and checking villas, and helping guests in general, she can whip up a pizza or other meal, and prepare cocktails for those...

Enjoy the Scene, Drinks & Fun here at Vanuatu

  Guests: Callan sent us these photos. He works in Media at an NSW Central Coast University and was very interested in everything possible. There are various places where lizards will pose, on people, for photos. Joy took him to see her son’s recording studio,...

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Outer Islands of Vanuatu


Espiritu Santo is known as the largest island in the Vanuatu archipelago. This island was named by the Portugese explorer, Pedro Fernandes de Queiros. The town of Luganville is located on the South-Eastern coast of Santo and is where the second largest settlement in Vanuatu is situated.


There are a lot of things one can do while in Santo and below are a few that we recommend.


Santo is a popular tourist destination for divers as there are many wrecks and reefs for divers to explore. A good place to go diving is at the Million Dollar Bay as this was where a lot of WWII equipment such as old jeeps, tanks and trucks were dumped. Another popular diving spot in Santo is at the SS President Coolidge; an American luxury ocean liner that served as a troopship from December 1941 to October 1942. It was sunk by mines in Santo during the World War II and has now become a popular diving spot for many divers around the world. Amongst these wrecks you will also find beautiful corals and fishes.

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Beaches/Blue Holes:

There are a lot of beautiful beaches one can go to while in Santo like the Port Olry Beach. Located on the eastern coast of Santo is the Lonnoc Beach. It is a good place to have a picnic lunch and swim in their crystal clear waters. Around the corner from Lonnoc Beach is one of the most popular beaches that attracts a lot of tourists and that is Champagne Beach that has nice powder soft sand and crystal clear waters to swim in also. Whenever a cruise ship docks at the Luganville wharf, the locals set up their markets along Champagne Beach and sell handicrafts, souvenirs, food and coconuts to the tourists. Not far from Champagne beach is the Matevulu Blue Hole. It is a must to go here while in Santo as it is a good place to go for a cool refreshing dip in this fantastic, crystal clear blue natural pool.

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Santo has a lot of caves and for those of you who are interested in taking an adventure through the forest, one of the popular caves to visit is the Millenium Cave as it involves trekking through the tropical forest and climbing over rocks and big boulders. You will also get a chance to swim in waterfalls and have a picnic if you wish to.

Les excursions a Santo au Vanuatu.
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Other Things to do in Santo:

As mentioned above there are heaps of things to do while in Santo and only a few of these activities have been mentioned. Other activities include cultural and historical tours, going on boat tours and fishing trips, watching mothers creating music with water, horseback riding, site seeing air tours and many more.

If you are staying at the Vale Vale Beachfront Villas and wish to go over to Santo for a few days to do some of these activities feel free to talk to the Guest Relations Manager, Laurana, who will be happy to assist you with booking these tours and making arrangements for you to go over to Santo.