Het leuke jonge stelletje Chris en Sara verbleven bij Valé Valé voor hun vakantie. Chris boekte de Honnymoon Villa, zodat hij Sara ten huwelijk kon vragen. We hopen hen terug te mogen zien voor hun huwelijksreis! Nogmaals gefeliciteerd Chris en Sara!

Sara & Chris showen hun verlovingsring.
Foto: Sara & Chris

Dit zijn Roesia en Hussain, een fijn stelletje, wat verbleef bij ons resort. Voorafgaand aan hun bezoek aan Valé Valé heeft Hussain contact gehad met onze Guest Relations Manager voor hulp bij het boeken van een tour om de Yasur vulkaan te zien op het eiland Tanna. Deze foto ontvingen we van hun Tanna Day Tour, staand op de rand van de vulkaan.

Hussain & Roesia, staand op de rand van de vulkaan.
Foto: Hussain & Rosia

Dineren bij Valé Valé:

Alhoewel we geen café of restaurant hebben bij ons resort, bieden we wel een menu met een lijst van maaltijden, welke we bereiden, wanneer u liever ’s avonds in de villa verblijft. Bestellingen dienen te worden geplaatst op 17:00 uur. Uw diner wordt uiterlijk 18:00 uur bezorgd bij uw kamer. Ons menu heeft drie verschillende categorieën, beginnend bij ‘snacks’ met een keuze uit koffie en cake of geroosterde belegde boterhammen. Onze pizza-kaart bestaat uit drie keuzes: pepperoni pizza, pizza Hawaï, en kip- of ham-pizza – allen bereid in onze eigen pizza oven. De laatste optie zijn de hoofdgerechten. De keuze bestaat uit spaghetti Bolognese, Organic Beef curry of de Veal Escalope. Onze menukaart is te vinden bij de receptie en in de la van uw eigen villa. Prijzen varieëren van VT300 (ongeveerd € 2,50) tot VR1800 (ongeveer € 16).

Pepperoni Pizza
Foto: Joy Wu

Veal Escalope
Foto: Joy Wu

Organic Beef Curry
Foto: Joy Wu


Massages with Leiwia & Honorine!

Honorine and Leiwia are not only Housekeeping staff members at the Villas; they are also our two very own masseuses. The girls use coconut oil infused with either tiare, frangipani or rose scents for their massage. Guests booking a stay at our Villas usually have a half hour massage each during their stay, however if this isn’t included in your package we have a price list of massage therapies that we offer for those interested. We bring the massage beds over to your Villa where you get to relax out on your porch and feel the cool breeze from the sea while the girls give you and your partner a massage side by side.

Leiwia Kalopong
Picture by: Joy Wu

Staff Profile:

Leiwia Kalopong

Meet Leiwia! She is one of our Housekeeping girls. She has been working at Valé Valé for close to five years now and lives in another village called Erakor Village. She is also one of our Masseuses. Her hobbies include cooking, spending time with family and going out with friends. If you are interested in having a massage, let our Guest Relations Manager know and she will assist with booking a massage for you.

Upcoming Events in Vanuatu:

Vanuatu Golf Open 2017 – Aug 29th – Sept

Vanuatu Golf Open. Digital Image. 33rd Vanuatu Golf Open. Vanuatu Golf Open. 2017. Web. 24 August 2017.

For all the Golf Lovers! This is an annual event that has been played at the Vanuatu Golf and Country club for over 30years now. It gives everyone the opportunity to participate in a significant South Pacific golf event and join with the professionals for a fun week of golf and social interaction which has become legendary. It attracts both amateur and professional players from many South Pacific island countries including New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, New Caledonia and the Solomon Islands. Nightly functions and entertainment will also be held during this week to make the event a memorable one.

Colour Fest – Sep 30th

Le Life. Colour Festival. Digital image. Colour Festival Vanuatu. Le Life Resort, 2017. Web. 2017.

Le Life Resort will be hosting the very first Colour Festival this coming September. If you are in Port Vila on the 30th September and are looking for a bit of fun, come along to Le Life Resort to add a little bit of colour to your holiday!

Pacific Mini Games 2017 – Dec 4th – 15th

Pacific Games Council. 2017 Pacific Mini Games Eligibility. Digital image. Sports TG. Sports TG, 2017. Web. 17.

This event will happen at the end of this year 2017 and will bring together athletes from around the Pacific to compete against each other in various sports. If you love sports you might want to visit the stadium and watch some of the games.

Islands of Vanuatu


Tanna Island is located in the southern province of Vanuatu called TAFEA Province. It is the most populous island down south and is home of one of the most accessible volcanoes in the world, Yasur Volcano.

This island was discovered by James Cook in August 1774 and he gave the island the name Tanna from the local Kwamera language which means ‘earth’.

Tanna is one of the most fertile island in Vanuatu and it produces Kava, Coffee, Coconut, Copra and other fruits and vegetables. If you plan to go to Tanna island during your visit to Vanuatu, visiting the local market is a must!

Tanna. Digital Image. Tanna. Wrecks to the Rainforest – Inbound travel Agent for Espiritu Santo and outer islands. 2012. Web. 9 November 2016.

Tourist Sites:

Below are a few things you can do in Tanna if you ever plan to visit Tanna Island one day.


Visiting the Yasur Volcano is an experience of a lifetime. There are a few tour operators that provide this tour and one of them is AIR TAXI VANUATU. There are four (4) options that they provide and they include 1. Mt. Yasur Scenic Flight, 2. Tanna Day tour, 3. Tanna Overnight Tour and 4. Tanna Twilight Tour. These tours vary from taking a scenic flight over Yasur Volcano and along the coast of Erromango and Aniwa Island to a scenic flight around Tanna Island. Some of them also involve taking a 4WD adventure through tropical jungles, over mountain passes, past villages and across the ash plain with a guided tour up Mt. Yasur Volcano. A visit to a cultural village prior before going to the Volcano is also included in a few of these tours and if you decide to do the Tanna Overnight Tour, Whitegrass Resort and Evergreen Resort are two options you can chose from to stay at. Unity Airlines also does tours to Yasur Volcano and some of them are similar to those done by Air Taxi. You are welcome to choose either and we can help assist with booking the tour for you.

Air Taxi Vanuatu. Digital Image. Tanna-Mt Yasur Volcano Day Tour. Air Taxi Vanuatu. 2016. Web. 29 November 2016.


The Blue Cave tour is an unforgettable tour that you must do if you are in Tanna. The Blue Cave Adventure & Tour Company provides tours to this cave. They pick you up from your resort and take you on a 4WD drive to a beautiful beach where a local fisherman escorts you to the cave in their traditional boat. This tour is entirely led by a guide and to enter the cave you will either have to duck dive during high tide or swim through during low tide. Once you are in the cave you will be amazed by the crystal clear water and will be able to swim with the fishes. The tour ends with a boat ride back to the beach and drive back to your resort.

Air Vanuatu. Digital Image. 10 Terrific Tanna Experiences. Air Vanuatu. Web. 17 November 2016.


This tree is estimated to be a least 600 years old and is potentially the World’s largest Banyan Tree! It is a short walk from Leitouapam Village and you only need to pay a small fee to help support the local community. You will be amazed at the size of this tree which is said to have a breadth larger than a football field.

X Days In Y. Digital Image. Volcano Hunting and Tribal Living in Tanna Island. X Days In Y: Inspirational Travel Itineraries. 15 October 2015. Web. 17 November 2016.

Visit Films. Digital Image. Tanna. Visit Films. 2015. Web. 18 November 2016.


Yakel village is a village on Tanna island that’s lifestyle has been left almost unchanged for centuries. The people here are friendly, they still dress in their traditional attire and live in simple thatched huts. The road to this village is quite rough, muddy on rainy days and goes through the dense bush and across a stream on a bridge made with few logs. A reality TV show called “Meet the Natives” that was first aired in September 2007 in the U.K featured five (5) local villagers from Yakel village who travelled to England to meet Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh whom the villages regarded as a God. The Australian movie “Tanna” which was set on the island of Tanna also features villagers from Yakel Village. This movie is based on a true story about two lovers who chose to go against their family’s wishes and marry for love.

Virage. Digital Image. A 23. Titanic Filmfestival kincsei: Tanna. Virage. 22 March 2015. Web. 18 November 2016.

Other things you can do while in Tanna include visiting the Coffee plantations there. We serve their “Tanna Coffee” for breakfast for our guests when they stay at the Villas. You can also go on quad bike tours around Tanna as well as horse riding tours. The John Frum Cargo Cult may be something in which you may be interested in visiting also. This cult believes in this person “John Frum” as a god or Jesus that will return one day and that if they worship him he will bring them wealth and prosperity. Others believe that he is someone who was in the American troop that came to Vanuatu during WWII. There are also cultural villages that perform Black Magic and also places to go surfing as well as hot springs at Sulphur Bay.

Outer Islands of Vanuatu


Espiritu Santo is known as the largest island in the Vanuatu archipelago. This island was named by the Portugese explorer, Pedro Fernandes de Queiros. The town of Luganville is located on the South-Eastern coast of Santo and is where the second largest settlement in Vanuatu is situated.


There are a lot of things one can do while in Santo and below are a few that we recommend.


Santo is a popular tourist destination for divers as there are many wrecks and reefs for divers to explore. A good place to go diving is at the Million Dollar Bay as this was where a lot of WWII equipment such as old jeeps, tanks and trucks were dumped. Another popular diving spot in Santo is at the SS President Coolidge; an American luxury ocean liner that served as a troopship from December 1941 to October 1942. It was sunk by mines in Santo during the World War II and has now become a popular diving spot for many divers around the world. Amongst these wrecks you will also find beautiful corals and fishes.

Chris. (2013 April 14).GoPro Try Dive at Million Dollar Point – Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu

An unusual kind of reef. Digital Image. Underwater History Lesson | Million Dollar Point. Air Vanuatu. Web. 2 September 2016.

SS President Coolidge, Luganville. Digital Image. SS President Coolidge, Luganville. Vanuatu Travel. Web. 4 September 2016.

Beaches/Blue Holes:

There are a lot of beautiful beaches one can go to while in Santo like the Port Olry Beach. Located on the eastern coast of Santo is the Lonnoc Beach. It is a good place to have a picnic lunch and swim in their crystal clear waters. Around the corner from Lonnoc Beach is one of the most popular beaches that attracts a lot of tourists and that is Champagne Beach that has nice powder soft sand and crystal clear waters to swim in also. Whenever a cruise ship docks at the Luganville wharf, the locals set up their markets along Champagne Beach and sell handicrafts, souvenirs, food and coconuts to the tourists. Not far from Champagne beach is the Matevulu Blue Hole. It is a must to go here while in Santo as it is a good place to go for a cool refreshing dip in this fantastic, crystal clear blue natural pool.

Champagne Beach. Digital Image. Champagne Beach (Vanuatu). Wikipedia the free encyclopedia. 7 May 2015. Web. 2 September 2016.

Matevulu Blue Hole. Digital Image. Wreck Diving & Beach Bumming In Espiritu Santo. X Days In Y, Inspirational Travel Itineraries. 10 October 2015. Web. 2 September 2016.


Santo has a lot of caves and for those of you who are interested in taking an adventure through the forest, one of the popular caves to visit is the Millenium Cave as it involves trekking through the tropical forest and climbing over rocks and big boulders. You will also get a chance to swim in waterfalls and have a picnic if you wish to.

Les excursions a Santo au Vanuatu.
4 September 2016.

Other Things to do in Santo:

As mentioned above there are heaps of things to do while in Santo and only a few of these activities have been mentioned. Other activities include cultural and historical tours, going on boat tours and fishing trips, watching mothers creating music with water, horseback riding, site seeing air tours and many more.

If you are staying at the Vale Vale Beachfront Villas and wish to go over to Santo for a few days to do some of these activities feel free to talk to the Guest Relations Manager, Laurana, who will be happy to assist you with booking these tours and making arrangements for you to go over to Santo.