2017 end-year Events

Last Quarter Events 2017:

In November, the annual DJ Festival attracted local and overseas visitors for all-night fun at a couple of venues, all around the Grand Hotel and Lava Lounge just before the marketplace.

In December, more music with the annual Fest Napuan – nearly a week of afternoon & night time music at the same venue as the 2017 Pacific Mini Games held in Vila at Korman Stadium

Of all the Fest Napuan nights – with reggae, popular music, gospel, etc., by artists from Vanuatu and overseas, the most popular and well attended is the FEST NALENGA night, featuring local String Bands. Even at functions when various music styles are played, ni-Vanuatu people come to life on the dance floor – or the grass – once the music moves to string band! A good time of year to book a stay for 2018.

Stan, of “Stan & The Earth Force”, popular in Vanuatu, entertaining at Fest Napuan.

PACIFIC MINI GAMES – Vila, Vanuatu, December 2017- Very successful event.

Vanuatu Choir singing the National Anthem during the Opening Ceremony.

Fijian Women’s Football team

The Freshwater Bilingual School visit by Games mascot Nasi

Freshwater School Teachers